Sergey Sosulnikov

Managing Partner
Сергей Сосульников

Prior to joining Target Asset Management, Sergey was Head of Structured products development at BCS, leading Russian stockbroker and investment firm. He managed the whole department during 2015-2016, where he implemented a full sell-side setup for issuance of new derivative products and reorganized firm’s product development process by adding full-scale investment analysis.

During 2010-2015, Sergey worked as a project manager at Alfa Capital’s Financial products department. He provided clients, both individual and institutional, with a broad range of financial solutions, covering almost every possible type of financial products: from complex derivatives to asset management, mutual funds and deposits. In particular, Sergey created fiduciary, indexed and dual currency deposit platforms for high net worth clients and successfully launched one of the first mass affluent structured products in Russia.

Sergey received a Master’s degree in Applied Mathematics and Informatics from Moscow State University in 2010. He also holds Federal Financial Markets Service Certificate Series 1.0.