Alternative Credit

Alternative Credit is a new fixed income asset class that provides significantly higher yields in comparison with bank deposits and Eurobonds. Alternative credit is represented by loans issued to borrowers directly through online marketplace P2P platforms. The removal of the bank as an intermediary allows to significantly reduce transaction costs and simultaneously provide higher yields for investors and lower loan rates for borrowers. «Banking is necessary, banks are not» — we fully support this Bill Gates’ statement and work on implementing it in the real life.

We are always doing our best to develop cutting edge fintech investment products for our clients. Currently, our investment portfolio consists of two Alternative Credit products:

  • P2P lending funds under management of Prime Meridian Capital Management. Target Asset Management is a shareholder of Prime Meridian, Managing Partner of Target Alexander Semeyko sits on Prime Meridian’s Board of Directors. Prime Meridian Funds invest in loans issued to U.S. borrowers via P2P platforms, such as Prosper, LendingClub, FundingCircle, Lending Home and etc., and target annualized return net of fees between 6% and 11% in USD depending on the fund.
  • Target European Credit Fund managed by Target Asset Management is investing in loans originated by the European online lending platforms. The fund has a diversified loan portfolio with target annualized return net of fees of 10-11% in EUR.

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